Scholarships for people with different colored eyes

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Are there scholarships for having two different colored eyes? ChaCha Answer: I am not sure if there are scholarships for having diffe.
Best Answer: I Scholarships for people with different colored eyes KNOW I just saw this one within the past week. I signed up for two scholarship search things off of for my daughter, and one of the .
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Different people have different eye colors. . Image via Wikipedia. Eyes are very important part of our body.But have you ever Scholarships for people with different colored eyes thought why people have different eye . .
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Weird Hair Color Scholarships: Weird Scholarships - From Odd Scholarships For Overweight People, To Weird Unknown Scholarships F :: Blog
Can some one get a scholarship for having two different color eyes? ChaCha Answer: There are no known scholarships for heterochromia .
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